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4 Reasons to Consider a Lyft or Uber Extended Warranty for Your Ride-Share Business

by Rideshare Knight

If you’re a rideshare driver today, you know how much of a gamble it can be to drive around all day in your own vehicle that can be damaged, worn down, and expensive to repair. Unfortunately, with today’s gig economy, independent contractors are not provided vehicle service contracts as part of their independence, which for you, can undermine the entire integrity of your personal business.

As one of an 8-million-person industry working to secure your individual ride-share business, know that you are not alone. Uber extended warranties and Lyft extended warranties used to be unobtainable – until now. With RideShare Knight, your ride-share protection plans are finally here.

If you’re tired of funding vehicle breakdowns, mishaps, and fender-benders, here are 4 reasons why you should consider rideshare coverage with RideShare Knight:

  1. Coast to Coast: We are a nationwide extended warranty platform, providing all ride-share drivers with extended warranties no matter where they reside. We don’t want you to be limited by a region when it comes to your orders – if I client needs a 500-mile ride, we want you to take it. From California to New York, our coverage totally applies to you and your business. You can take your car to any licensed mechanic.
  2. Comprehensive Coverage: We offer major components such as engine, transmission, air conditioning, electrical, and so much more. We cover both labor and parts.
  3. Roadside Assistance: Flat tires, oil changes, and windshield cracks are a natural part of driving on the road every day. If you break down on the job, our team is on standby, ready to dispatch help to wherever you are located. You don’t need to pay hefty fees to get a local mechanic to come visit you. By going through us first, you gain access to the materials and support you need as part of the total RideShare Knight package.
  4. Low Deductible: This is a pay-and-go system, with just a $100 deductible per mechanic and repairmen visit as a result of our partnership with mechanics across the country. The remainder of the qualified repair order is covered by our Lyft protection plans and Uber protection plans, so you can plan ahead of time for wear-and-tear costs before they happen.

RideShare Knight

We’re prioritizing the independent drivers of the country today, as opposed to the big companies that worry about their quarterly profits. We understand that your ride-sharing business is what puts food on the table, which is why you deserve some kind of job security that makes it all worth it at the end of the day. We include emergency roadside assistance for flat tires, lock-outs, dead batteries, and more, coming to your rescue at a moment’s notice.

Achieve some peace of mind this year with your personal ride-share coverage through RideShare Knight.

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