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The Uber & Lyft Protection Plan

by Rideshare Knight

As an Uber or Lyft driver, you now have extended vehicle service contract backing you.  Having a RideShare Knight coverage protects you from the exposure and dangers of being out on the road all day. As of last year, Uber was working with 2 million drivers, 400k residing in the U.S., and Lyft was working with 315,000 drivers, with numbers only increasing as the days go on.

As a rideshare driver, you are not a minority. You are part of a huge class of people that are being forced to run a business with no financial security or guarantees. One single breakdown  can drain the earnings you’ve rightfully earned over the last year, simply because of how expensive repairs are. The entire success and functionality of your business is based on your car, which is why you deserve some peace of mind at night when you lay down after a long and exhausting day of rideshare driving.

If you’re ready to invest in the integrity of your business and work with a team that has your back, consider signing up with our RideShare Knight coverage today. It covers all major components of the car, provides coverage and roadside assistance coast to coast, following you wherever the road may take you.

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