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RideShare Knight Offering 0% Financing to All Uber & Lyft Drivers Pursuing Vehicle Service Contracts

by Rideshare Knight

Proudly providing peace of mind and vehicle service contract options to the Uber, Lyft, and other ride-sharing drivers of today, RideShare Knight is also offering 0% financing to all drivers needing vehicle service contracts moving forward.

With the rise of the gig economy, and over 38% of the American population taking part in the lucrative independent contractor-based workforce today, millions of ride-sharing drivers are left to their own devices when it’s time for a vehicle tune-up or repair. The costs can sometimes outweigh the benefits of driving with Uber or Lyft, which is where Rideshare Knight comes into the picture. With RideShare Knight, drivers finally know that the company will provide comprehensive coverage, coast to coast support, and emergency roadside assistance anytime, anywhere.

Taking it one step further, RideShare Knight is making it possible to secure a vehicle service contract without basing the decision on credit. Announcing a 0% APR financing to all Uber and Lyft drivers, these individuals will be able to secure their financial security without having to jump through hoops.

Coast to Coast Ride-Share Coverage

Built specifically to cover all ride-sharing drivers in America, this financing option will be accessible to all drivers with ride-sharing apps, no matter where they reside. Whether it’s a new driver with Juno or a seasoned veteran with Uber, 0% financing is now accessible and affordable to whomever wants it. RideShare Knight doesn’t believe drivers should be left out in the cold anymore.

Perks of Joining RideShare Knight

Why worry about a hefty repair or towing bill when you can rely on a $100 deductible that never changes, no matter your driving? Why call up expensive repair companies when you can access an already established network? Why front the entire bill for your vehicle’s wear and tear when you have rightfully earned an income through the ride-sharing apps?

With RideShare Knight, you can count on roadside emergency assistance for everything from tire changes to fluid checks, coast to coast coverage with access to mechanics in every state, $100 deductibles for all repair requirements, and a comprehensive coverage for every driver that never changes, no matter how far your business might take you. Bringing it one step further, enjoy 0% APR financing that isn’t based on your credit history or ability to pay. It’s just based on you as a human being and your business that supports your family and friends.

We’re ushering in a new mentality that’s altering the emotionless disposition taken by gig economy companies today. You are more than a just a number in their mobile apps.

Achieve some predictability and control over your ride-sharing business today through RideShare Knight

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