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Features of our Vehicle Service Contracts

by Rideshare Knight

When taking into consideration an extended vehicle warranty for your automobile, there is a small list of things you should know. Extended vehicle warranties (also known auto service contracts) offer you an extended interval of coverage after your manufactures warranty expires. If you’re trying to guard your investment, it is a smart choice to consider our plans. Repairs can be costly, and the expense can get elevated every day.

Duration: Our warranties will cover you for a period of two to five years and a certain amount of miles. You can purchase extended vehicle warranties that extend your coverage after the factory warranty ends. Most extended warranties available on the market to day do not provide coverage for rideshare vehicles.  RideShare Knight is different and specifically designed to cover vehicles that are used for Uber and Lyft.

7 Levels of Coverage: RideShare Knight offers 3 plans (Platinum, Gold, Silver) for vehicles with under 60,000 miles at the time of purchase of the extended warranty.  We also offer 4 plans (Preferred, Select, Powertrain Plus, Powertrain) for vehicles with 60,001 – 150,000 miles at the time of purchase of the extended warranty.

0% APR Financing: We also provide no interest financing to all drivers regardless of the credit. That means that you can purchase an extended warranty with a small 10% down payment and finance the rest.  No interest financing means affordable monthly payments.

Deductibles: If you decide to go with an extended warranty plan to protect your vehicle, you are required to pay a deductible. The amount of deductible to pay will depend on the plan that you choose.  We offer $100 deductible per visit for Platinum, Gold, and Sliver plans and $100 per component not to exceed $200 for Preferred, Select, Powertrain Plus, and Powertrain plans.

Roadside Assistance: We offer roadside assistance. This ensures that if you break down on the side of the road, you can get help with a simple phone call. Our roadside assistance covers the cost of a tow truck. Anyone who has dealt with a breakdown while traveling can tell you that this is a very valuable service indeed.

We have many other features for our auto warranties and extended auto warranties. To find out more about these features that go along with different policies, contact us today at RideShareKnight.com.

Always make sure you fully understand what is included and what is not with the vehicle warranty plan that you choose. Being educated on all the ins and outs of our policy can save you lots of time and trouble down the road.

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