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Why Getting a Rideshare Knight Warranty Cover Is a Savvy Move for your Rideshare Business

by Rideshare Knight

When you operate a rideshare business, it is most often your primary source of income and what enables you to pay your bills each month. Things are great when your car is working, but things can come to a grinding halt if your vehicle breaks down and you’re not able to quickly get yourself back on the road.

I’ve got a new car – I’m covered by my warranty

You may think that because your vehicle or vehicles are nearly new, that you’re automatically covered, but your confidence may well be misplaced, as new car warranties often have mileage limits. Also, what happens if what happens to your car is out of warranty? The answer is up a creek without a paddle!

Getting an extended warranty on your rideshare vehicle is an absolute must and the longer you leave it, the more likely you are to be turned down for cover as a result of having an existing mechanical or electrical issue. Whichever way you look at it, this is a bad situation for someone who needs their car to make a living.

“So What Does a Rideshare Knight Extended Warranty Give me?”

Rideshare plans have been expertly created by those with experience in the industry to protect you against every possible occupational hazard and include a range of beneficial components.

Nationwide Coverage

When a company offers roadside assistance, the service is only as good as the area it covers. For instance, as a 5 star, speedy, reliable recovery service might sound great but is effectively useless if you experience a problem outside of the coverage area. This is why Rideshare Knight roadside assistance covers the entire US, so you won’t have to worry about where it is you are when your vehicle experiences a problem.

If the worst happens, all that’s need a quick and simple call and someone will be along presently. In the event of the mechanic who attends being unable to get you running again, you’ll be towed free of charge to a licensed repair mechanic. Anyone who has ever been towed and had to pay in full for the truck used will know that it’s an expensive business.

7 Different Cover Levels

Rideshare Knight plans are designed to cater for all sizes and types of vehicles and fleets, which is why we offer seven different levels of cover. There’s Silver, Gold and Platinum for vehicles that have less than 60k miles on the clock and Powertrain, Powertrain Plus, Select and Preferred packages for older cars that have done between 60k and 150k miles.

Affordable and Comprehensive

Our extended warranties can be enjoyed by all sizes of rideshare enterprise, from one car operators to those with a fleet of vehicles. Costing from as little as $36 each month, they’re affordable to those without much in the way of a budget for such things. For this small monthly outlay, you get the peace of mind of knowing that when a breakdown strikes, you’ll have a team of professionals in your corner who are dedicated to getting you back up and running again.

When it’s deemed that a repair is needed, we’ll get you to a fully licensed repair mechanic and the most you’ll ever pay either a $100 or $200 deductible (depending on your plan), which when compared against the usual cost of a major repair, can mean the difference between having a business and being unable to work.

Exactly what are deductibles?

If you think of your deductibles as being like the excess on your home insurance, it means that under your extended warranty, you’ll only ever pay $100 on a Silver, Gold or Platinum plan and no more than $200 on a Powertrain, Powertrain Plus, Preferred and Select package.

Financing at 0%

We offer financing to all of our members, but only as an extra and very useful facility. We’re not out to make money by doing so, which is why our financing is 0% – regardless of whether you have good or bad credit. We’re just trying to offer you as many options as we can to help protect the smooth running of your rideshare business.

Want to Find Out More?

If this all sounds like it could be beneficial to your business and you’d like to learn about how to get yourself covered, we’d love to have a chat with you about it.

We mentioned just a fraction of the extended auto warranty services and facilities we offer, so there’s plenty on offer to suit your requirements. Talk to one of our friendly advisors now, and they’ll be able to direct you towards your ideal cover with just a few easy questions.

To get in touch for a free, no obligation quote or advice and guidance, call us on (888) 335-3444.

We look forward to speaking with you about providing the support and security with your rideshare business needs to stay on the road and earning.

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