Nationwide coverage you can count on.

When you buy a brand new car, for example, Toyota or Honda, it comes with a factory bumper-to-bumper warranty for 3 year or 36,000 miles whichever comes first. If you drive 200 miles a day you will be out of factory warranty within 6 months and then it is your responsibility to pay for repairs. Car dealers do not have an extended warranty that covers drivers that drive for Uber, Lyft, June, etc.

Our rideshare warranties can be used at any licensed repair facility throughout the United States, ensuring you can take your business wherever the wind blows.

All of our terms are add-on mileage and add-on time. For example a plan covering 60 months and 100,000 miles will cover an ADDITIONAL 100,000 miles of driving, and an ADDITIONAL 60 months of driving, whichever comes first, valid from the date of coverage activation.

Why consider Rideshare Knight coverage?

  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Accepted By Dealerships & Licensed Mechanics
  • Competitive Labor Rates
  • 0% APR Financing
  • Trip Interruption
  • Rental Car Coverage
  • Backed by A-Rated Insurance Company